The ICE vision is to continually promote the sport of volleyball and personal excellence for each athlete and a life long love of the game. ICE Volleyball Club strives to provide our athletes with the physical, technical and tactical tools to compete to the best of their ability and to reach their highest potential. Our professional coaching staff provide age-appropriate training in a fun, safe and competitive environment. ICE Volleyball Club is a member of the USA Volleyball Association and all of our club teams are registered with the Great Lakes region of USAV. 


Skills and Technique

Develop the six major volleyball skills: serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and digging. Positional Training.

Mind over Body

Gain that mental toughness athletes need to draw upon in games.

Speed, Agility, Vertical Jump

We'll help your player jump higher and move quicker than the competition.

Strategies to Win

Learn the importance of being creative when practicing skills and tactics for game situations.  


  • Our coaches focus in on the small detail while teaching the large picture of the game.

  • At ICE we want to make each athlete a contender at what ever level they hope to attain.

  • ICE coaches are passionate about working with young athletes, and committed to developing a life-long love of volleyball in each and every player.


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